I’m having an old friend for dinner

Silence of the Lambs


Gevel van restaurant Chagall in Sint-Andsstraat 40, Brugge.


Uitbaters Kim en Heine in de ingang van hun restaurant Chagall.

Restaurant Chagall has been around for a long time in downtown Bruges. Well before we, as the new owners, took over in 2019, Chagall was known as the place to be for a delicious spaghetti. How so? There used to be several cinemas near our restaurant, a lot more than there are today. After the movie, visitors were still looking for a small bite: a spaghetti at Chagall’s was tradition.

Since we like that piece of history so much, we decided to give the movie theme a worthy place in our restaurant. A lot of famous movie stars adorn our walls, quotes from real classics can be spotted here and there, film elements are subtly introduced… In short: we keep up the tradition!


Flemish cuisine

We love tradition at Chagall, as you have already discovered. We like to extend this to our kitchen where we serve traditional Flemish dishes. Operators Hein and Kim like to integrate Eastern influences which they acquired during their many trips abroad.

Steak geserveerd met frietjes en salade.
pot met mosselen